We understand your concerns regarding buying online, hence we are transparent with our refund policies. Our refund policy is quite simple.

We will offer you 100% refund in the following cases:

1) If are not able to satisfactorily fix your issue at first instance and you want a refund.

2) If Our tech support finds that you have hardware issues beyond our control. You will still get a free diagnosis of your system and devices and our analysis of possible issues.

Refund procedure:

You need to drop us an email at You can also call us at our Toll FREE number 1-800-986-9271 and ask for refund department. We will get back to you in 1 business day maximum (excluding weekends). For your safety: You can pay us through paypal/credit card or bank account on our gateway. All payments are done through 256 SSL secured payment processor. If for any reason you are not sure about making a payment, please feel free to contact us and discuss it with us, we assure you that we will be completely fair.

Should you have further queries, please e-mail us at